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Africa4U -Advertising Policy

Please read and familiarise yourself with our advertising policy.

  1. Payment is by cheque, money order or direct deposit into our bank account and the deposit slip faxed to us. No adverts will be listed online before payment has been received.
  2. The advertising period will start from the date your advert is placed online.
  3. You will be notified by e-mail (if available) when your advert is placed online.
  4. It is your responsibility to notify us if a property is sold, or an advert is cancelled or expires. You will remain responsible for payment of advertising fees until such notification has been received by us.
  5. Photographs could be included in all adverts with the payment of a R5 per month levy. Photographs must be submitted in either .gif or .jpg formats or a postcard size photograph can be posted to us. If the photograph must be returned, a self-addressed, stamped envelope must be included.
  6. We will not be held responsible for the failure of the Internet server site due to power failure, phone line interruptions, server malfunction or human error by server service providers.
  7. Advertisers agree that Africa4u shall not be liable for damages arising out of errors in any advertisement beyond the amount paid for the advertisement in which the error occurred, whether such error is due to the negligence of its employees or otherwise, and there shall be no liability for non-insertion of any advertisement beyond the amount paid for such advertisement.
  8. Africa4u will not be held liable for any false, inaccurate, or misleading information provided by the advertiser and we shall be indemnified from any such liability by the agent or advertiser.

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