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Welcome to Africa4U
- the SOLUTION to your web and graphic design needs

   Web design

Africa4U is based in Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa.

   Web hosting

We aim to bring professional web sites and other promotional material within affordable reach of each and every person. Whether you are a professional hunter, tour guide, have a guest house, business or just need a proper web site as an individual, you have come to the right place. 

Furthermore we encourage the "local is lekker" concept - why go to
Johannesburg for a web site at unaffordable high prices when you can get the  same (better?..) result locally at a more civil cost?

  Domain Names




NEW  Large format lamination (up to 1m wide)

Photographic printing up to A1 size

Updated on 
07 September 2009
  • WEB SITE DESIGN: We create custom-made web sites /pages for our clients and guarantee their satisfaction! We literally sit with you and keep working on the design of  your web site until you are 100% satisfied - whether you want feedback forms, banners, counters, stats, animated effects or just that special unique web site... look no further. 

Check out some of the web sites created by Africa4U:

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  • WEB HOSTING: We offer -

    • Domain name registration: Tired of your long, endless, difficult-to-remember web address? We have the answer! Register your own domain name and never look back. You can now have a short, descriptive and unique name for your web address - for example:   or

    • Hosting of your web site at competitive prices

    • Submission to Search Engines

    • Generating meta tags to make your pages search engine friendly

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  • INTERNET ADVERTISING: If expensive pricing is the reason why you have never yet thought of advertising on the Net, now you don'nt have an excuse anymore! With our extra low prices we aim to bring internet advertising within the reach of the general public and people who realise the advantage of this wonderful advertising media but could not afford it before. Contact us now for a free quotation - you will never look back...

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  • pamphlets keyholdersPROMOTIONAL MATERIAL: Let us design all your promotional material for you. We will develop that corporate image that your business so desperately needs to survives. We design company logo'ns, letterheads, business cards, as well as other promotional material such as brochures, key rings, license holders and whatever you require. 

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  • COMPUTER & SOFTWARE SALES: Whatever your requirements, we will give you a very good price on it. As us for a quotation, it is free. 

    • Network installation: Need to connect two or more computers together? Let us do it for you and you will soon wonder how you ever got along without a network. Ask us for prices, it is a lot cheaper than you think.

    • Computer Training Courses: Need to know how to use your software to its fullest potential? Let us train you so that you can get your money'ns worth out of that expensive software package that you bought. Our classes are small and you will get individual attention from your instructor. 

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We at Africa4U are certified in the following  fields:

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