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Struisbaai from a nearby hillStruisbaai

Just next to L'nAgulhas, to the east, you can find the little fishing village of Struisbaai, which has grown to a very popular holiday destination with its 14 km uninterrupted white beach. 

This area is well-known for its angling and fishing, and if you are an early bird, you will see masses of red bait which washed ashore during the night lyaing on the beach. This is a good bait if you want to catch South Africa'ns national fish, the Galjoen. 

There is also remains of ancient stone fish traps used bAncient fish trapsy the Khoisan people, which were made by packing layers of rocks around shallower pools in which fish were then trapped and collected during the different tides.




Struisbaai Harbour
The Struisbaai harbour is quite busy as fishing remains one of 
the main occupations of the residents. 


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