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Cape Town

Cape Town, probably the most well-known city in South Africa, is situated at the foot of the equally famous Table Mountain range on the south western peninsula of South Africa. It is a metropolitan city and include many smaller villages or towns, each with its own municipal borders.One of the latest shopping centres, Century City

Known also as a prime tourist destination, Cape Town has innumeral things to offer the visitor. Apart from its interesting little shops in the town centre, there are various big shopping centres and malls in all the different suburbs.
Canal Walk, with canal around the multi-storeyd Century City shopping mall

Green Market Square and the Parade are two other popular spots for the curious craft lover. Craft stalls of all kinds can be seen here.

This whale skeleten is one of the many interesting features in the SA MuseumCape Town boasts with a great variety of museums, including the District 6 Museum, The Holocaust Museum, SA Museum and  the Planetarium, to mention only a few.The entrance to the Castle, where there are guided tours every hour

The Castle of Good Hope is another well-known landmark in the city, with its peculiar five points and stone walls.
In the Castle's court yard




The Gardens at the upper end of the city was established by Simon van der Stel and is still beautiful with all its trees and grass areas. Many important buildings is situated in this garden, such as Tuynhuis, the house of the President of the country, the Parlement Buildings, the SA Museum, the Planetarium and the SA Art Gallery, to name a few. During lunch hour  the Gardens are teeming with people looking for fresh air and enjoying the beautiful view of Table Mountain in the background.
The SA Museum and the Planetarium, right, with the SA Art Gsallery on the left, all situated in the Gardens

The main lane of Acorn trees leading through the Gardens   Many squirrels are found in the Gardens among the Acorn Trees and awaits peanuts or crumbs offered by the people walking past.

Robben IslandRobben Island, well-known for the 
fact that it was here that many political prisoners like Nelson Mandella were kept, can now be visited by boat and houses the Robben Island Museum. 

The world famous Table Mountain is one of Cape Town'ns main tourist attractions, and can be reached by means of a cable way which uses two cable cars, each of which can transport about 64 persons at a time. TThe last steep climb to the cable house at the tophey alternate trips and is open from early to late, so one can even stay up the mountain to see the unique sunsets on the Atlantic ocean from the top.

Sunset over the Atlantic with Kampsbaai in the foregroundTable Mountain got its name because, from afar, its top looks as flat as a table top. However, once one is on top, this is not really the case! From the top one can enjoy the most awesome view over the peninsula.

Thousand of lights  is visible from Table Mountain at nightIf you are part of the last group to leave Table Mountain at night, you maybe lucky enough to catch the sunset in the west over the Atlantic, as well as the city lights from above. It is such a profound view, photos can only begin to tell the real prettiness thereof. It is like a fairytale.


The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront at Cape Town'ns historic working harbour has become the city'ns favourite attraction. It is the perfect place for shopping, enteraining or just taking a break.The Waterfront

The Waterfront offers shopping with a wide range of products (curios, fashion, restaurants, actually anything you can think of), a craft market, entertainment - including boat and charter trips in the harbour or to Robben Island, the Imax theatre with its five-storey high screen and super realistic shows, the SA Maritime Museum, as well as the Two Oceans Aquarium.

The Predator Tank - one of many tanks where a variety of sea species can be seenThis Aquarium is the largest in South Africa  and reveals the fascinating world of life found in the oceans surrounding the Cape pininsula. Usually only explored by divers, these mysterious depths can now be seen - safely behind thick glass panes.

The wonderful world of colour on the coral reeves can now be appreciated by everyone

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This page was last updated on 07 June 2009
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This page was last updated on 07 June 2009
Africa4U  All rights reserved