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Northern Province

As its name indicate, this is the most northern province in South Africa. It borders on Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique and thus form the gateway to the rest of Africa. 

This province have a sub-tropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. Here you can relax on many game farms, next to a camp fire, while listening to the sounds of the night and if you are lucky, you might just hear the roar of a lion.

During the day you can go on game drives through one of the many Nature Reserves or relax in a steaming hot swimming pool at one of the many hot springs in the area.

Hiking trails are everywhere to be found. Alternatively, you could visit the Mujadji Forest where you will see a forest of some of the largest cycads to be found in the world and while you are there, why not  pay your respects to Mujadji, the rain queen. Probably the most famous person in the Northern Province.

The Northern Province certainly have plenty to offer the tourist, no wonder that it is one of the popular holiday destinations in South Africa.

(Bela Bela)



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