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Flower blanket - Photo courtesy JACELSTOURS

The home of the Nama people of South Africa. Namaqualand is probably the worlds most awe inspiring floral kingdom in the world. You have not seen any flowers until you have experienced the splendour of Namaqualand in full flower.

Each year in spring, Namaqualand hosts the most spectacular show on earth. Situated in what is probably the most arid part of South Africa, the stark contrast between winter and spring can nowhere be more dramatic than in this part of the world. 

The area is rich in history. You can follow in the footsteps of early copper miners that dates back to the 17th century, or you can visit Alexanderbaai, where many a fortune hunter set up camp to try and find the elusive diamonds that were hiding in the sand. You can watch the golden sun set over the sea at Port Nolloth while having a crayfish barbecue on the beach.

You can walk in the veldQuiver trees - photo courtesy JACELSTOURS and discover the kokerboom (quiver tree), the largest aloe growing in South Africa, which was used by the bushman people to make quivers for their arrows, or you can stand in awe when you see the halfmens (half human) plant for the first time. These plants are endemic to the area and their silhouettes resembles a standing person. Their heads turned to the north where they awaits the coming of spring and the spectacular flowers that goes with it.

You can visit the Richtersveld Mountain Desert Reserve and see one of the success stories where man and nature live in synergy Many colours - Photo courtesy JACELSTOURS together. Here the natural resources are so scarce that every human being becomes a keeper of nature. Nothing gets wasted, not food nor water. Here you will still see the Nama people living in their grass matt covered huts. A unique type of architecture that offers a cool haven against the blistering heat of the sun, yet are easy to pack up and move should grazing for the animals become scarce. No one could afford to waste the scarce resources of this beautiful land.

Plan your visit to South Africa so that you arrive in spring and Photo courtesy JACELSTOURS make haste to Namaqualand. The beauty that you will experience will be unforgettable.

Accommodation is available in the various towns that form part of the greater Namaqualand.

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