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Kimberley - The City that Sparkles!

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Kimberley is the capital city of the Northern Cape Province and famous for the world'ns biggest man-made hole, the Open Mine, where diamond hunters worked their claims long ago. It is also the most central town within South Africa as the centre of the country is only a couple of kilometres outside Kimberley. 

It is a city that'ns boasting with a rich history. Not only is this the City of Diamonds, but it also played a big part during the Anglo Boer War of 1899 - 1902. The museums in the city tells of this rich history and are all worth a visit.

Situated on the N12 route from Johannesburg to Cape Town, Kimberley is often used as a stopover. It actually deserves a longer stay, as it has a wide variety of tourist attractions and interesting places to offer tourists.

Kimberley is often referred to as the Diamond City. Still the biggest man-made hole in the world, the Big Hole has much to offer tourists and it will be hard to believe that once, in this same spot, there was a little hill, Colesberg Kopje. The Open Mine Museum adjacent to the Big Hole covers the history of Kimberley. This facility was recently upgraded and offers the visitor an unforgettable experience. Here you can re-live the past and get a feeling of what it should have been like in the days of Barney Barnato and Cecil John Rhodes.

A very large part  of the Anglo-Boer War played off in the Kimberley region, and many relevant historical venues and buildings from that time in history still stand today to tell their unique stories. The McGregor Museum, once home to Cecil John Rhodes, is a living relic to this historical era. The Sanatorium, the beautiful building which houses the McGregor Museum today, was built by Rhodes and experienced the whole Siege and Relief of Kimberley during 1899-1901. Rhodes'ns  rooms were renovated recently to show the original colours and furniture of his time. A Siege Gallery shows the history of this event, the Kimberley Firsts Hall is an interesting permanent exhibition of all the numerous 'nfirsts'n Kimberley had during its history, and of which very few people are aware of. A new colourful and very successful permanent display, Ancestors, was opened in 1999. This hall depicts man'ns history in the Northern Cape, from very early days up to the early 1900'ns. This is a MUST see for visitors.

Kimberley is also proud to announce its own Ghost Trail, which promise to be very rewarding and hair-raising. With so much history behind its name, this is enough said...

Kimberley guarantees an excellent visit to anyone who is intrigued and fascinated by history. You will not be disappointed!

Please contact Kimberley Tourism for more information at (053) 8327298/9, or the Northern Cape Tourism Authority at (053) 8322643.

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