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Welcome to the holiday province of South Africa. 

With its sub-tropical climate, long sandy beaches and plenty of sunshine, this is certainly one of the best spots in the country to spend your holiday. This is the place to see how the different cultures live together to form part of the Rainbow Nation.

Here you can see the Zulus dance to the beat of an African drum or take a ride in a Zulus Riksha. You can swim in a warm sea or climb some of the highest mountains in South Africa. You can visit many game reserves or see dolphins showing off their swimming capabilities at the Oceanarium.

This is also one of the Provinces where the Anglo Boar War took place. No visit to this Province will be complete without a tour to the Battlefields.  Visit some of the sites where some of the most sinifcant battles were fought on the South African soil.

Or you could visit some of the many museums in the province where you will learn the history of some of the cultures of the Nelson Mandela'ns Rainbow Nation and in particular that of the Zulu People.  Learn the history of the mighty King Shaka and the Battle of Bloed River.

You will have a truly unforgettable experience when you visit this beautiful province of South Africa. This sub-tropical paradise is the place to relax and enjoy South Africa'ns hospitality at its best.

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